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Allie Babcock Series

Play Dead1 Ruff Way To Go 2 Give the Dog a Bone3 Woof at the Door 4 A Dog-Gone Christmas(story) Of Birds and Beagles5 Dog Drama6 Terrier Terror7

Life's Second Chances

Going to Graceland1 Women's Night Out2 Finding Gregory Peck3 By the Light of the Moon4

Book Club Book

How My Book Club Got Arrested1

Molly Masters Series

Death Comes eCalling1 Death Comes to Surburbia2 Death of a Gardener3 Death Comes to a Retreat4 Death on a School Board5 Death at a Talent Show6 Death Comes to the PTA7

The Body Shifters Trilogy

The Body Shifters Begine-story The Body Shifters1 Mind Echoes2

Domestic Bliss Series

Death by Inferior Design1 False Premises2 Manor of Death3 Killed by Clutter4 Fatal Feng Shui5 Poisoned by Gilt6 Holly and Homicide7 Two Funerals and a Wedding8