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"The Body Shifters will shift how you think about thinking! Mystery,
romance, thriller and science fiction, all rolled into one exciting book!"

   —Author Elizbeth Wrenn


The Body Shifters BeginShort Story The Body Shifters1 Mind Echoes2

My daughter is a voracious reader, and a huge fan of the Twilight and Hunger Games books. One afternoon, she said to me, "Mom, you should write a series about a teenage girl who's trapped in a love triangle with a supernatural element to it."

Over the course of the next two or three months, she brainstormed with me and helped me to form the concept of The Body Shifters Trilogy. The opening book begins with my 18 year old main character, Elony Montgomery, horrified as, right before her eyes, a masked gunman breaks into her home and shoots her father, then shoots her in the back as she tries in vain to escape. In the second chapter, Elony awakens in a hospital two hundred miles away, and discovers that she is occupying the body of a 17 year old girl who has awakened from a month-long coma after crashing her car into a tree.

This is very different from anything I've written in the past, yet in many ways, this series is the culmination of all that I've learned in my 25 years of writing novels. Because The Body Shifters is such a departure for me, I located an unusually large number of first-readers—twenty—from preteens to senior citizens, and I was thrilled to receive unanimous praise. I can say with confidence that, although this book is a young adult thriller, it appeals to readers of all ages. But please don't take my word for it! I've also written a short story that introduces The Body Shifters from a second main characters point of view; read "The Body Shifters Begins: Jake Greyland, A Short Story" for free and see what you think!

The Body Shifters Begins: Jake Greyland

The Body Shifters Begins: Jake Greyland

A Short Story

An introduction to a suspenseful trilogy of novels that tell the gripping story of what happens when the brilliant 18-year-old, Jake Greyland, is in a hideous accident and awakens in another young-man's body. Jake and his 19-year-old friend, Miguel, are forced into a life-and-death battle to prevent the murder of the girl that Jake loves.

Receive a FREE download of "The Body Shifters Begins: Jake Greyland, A Short Story" from Amazon.

The Body Shifters

The Body Shifters: A Novel

Book 1

The Body Shifters is the first book in a trilogy of thrillers that feature Elony Montgomery, a brilliant 18-year-old. The gripping story opens as Ellie is waiting for a friend to arrive when she hears a strange noise downstairs. She is relieved to discover that her father has come home unexpectedly, but as she comes down the stairs, her father is shot through the head right in front of her eyes. Ellie scrambles up the stairs but is shot in the back. Helpless, she feels her life slipping away.

Ellie Montgomery has no idea that a very different life is about to begin for her.

Read the first chapter

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"The Body Shifters is a highly imaginative story of well-intentioned technology gone amuck where the struggle for good against evil must be fought by souls unwillingly shifted into Jane or John Doe bodies."
   —Mary Peace Finley, author of The Santa Fe Trail Trilogy—Soaring Eagle, White Grizzly, & Meadow Lark

"A brilliant story premise rivetingly executed. The Body Shifters sets the bar high for young adult psychological thrillers."
   —Claudia Mills, author of Zero Tolerance

Mind Echoes

Mind Echoes

Book 2

Mind Echoes continues the story of Ellie Montgomery, a Stanford pre-med student whose family members were brutally murdered so that her brilliant mind could be used in an experiment by a corrupt neurologist. Ellie is now living as Alexis Bixby, an artistic high school junior, and she is sent reeling by a sticky-pad note she finds fastened to her backpack. The note-writer also claims to be Ellie Montgomery.

Ellie realizes that her arch nemesis, Dr. Jennifer McGavin, has tracked her down, and is once again willing to destroy anyone who gets in her way. Furthermore, Ellie has to accept that a second person shares her every thought, memory, and experience, and that she now has herself as a rival for her boyfriend's affections.

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