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"whimsical, non-stop romp...with just the right touch of intelligence and heart"
   —Edie Claire

Life's Second Chances Series

Going to Graceland1 Women's Night Out2 Finding Gregory Peck3 By the Light of the Moon4

Truth be told, Life's Second Chances are my favorite books. While I always enjoy a good mystery and have no intention of leaving the field anytime soon, humorous and poignant books about contemporary women are my cup of tea. (Or, in the evening, my perfect glass of wine.)

All three books have a strong romance element and strong action. They all feature laugh-out-loud scenes, as well as a tear-jerker scene or two, and the main characters are in jeopardy.

Yet, for me, the unifying factor of these books is that they all celebrate women's friendships. The wondrous way we women can lift one another from our darkest moments was a constant source of inspiration as I wrote these books. I truly hope you'll enjoy reading them.

By the Light of the Moon

By the Light of the Moon

Book 4

A bitter heart is no match for a moonlit bridge, an enormous dog, and a determined optimist from Ogalalla...

Mary Johnson has recently left her home in Nebraska after her husband of thirty years dumped her for a younger woman. She is walking her St. Bernard when she sees a man on the jumper's side of the railing on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jack McGrandle, a widower, is trying to rescue his one set of keys from their precarious perch on a ledge of the bridge. Saddened by his only child's—David's—estrangement, he has been trying to convince himself to take a positive plunge: into matrimony with the woman he's been dating for nearly two years.

Half a continent away, Mary's daughter, Anna, is finally discovering that her mother was right; her current boyfriend is not good enough for her. Anna packs her bags for San Francisco.

Without question, Mary knows that Jack, David, and Anna deserve a second chance at happiness. Of course they do!

Yet there is one lesson that someone as kind-hearted as Mary needs to learn. She, too, deserves to be happy. And maybe, just maybe, her own second chance is waiting.

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Finding Gregory Peck

Finding Gregory Peck

Book 3

Learning that the man of your dreams loves you, too, is wonderful...unless he's a Hollywood legend who died years ago...

Heather Blackstone is on top of the world—happily married, adorable young son, co-owner of a rising Hollywood film-production company. Then her husband announces he's in love with a young starlet, and she loses her house. Now he is trying to wrest control of their company away from her, too. Is it any wonder she's going a little crazy?

Heather falls asleep in front of her TV and is awakened by Bette Davis telling her that her furnished apartment is a dump, and that Heather needs to fight for what is rightfully hers. Heather soon finds herself drawn into the feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and she makes Vivien Leigh angry when Clark Gable carries Heather up the stairs. Yet those incidents pale when she discovers that her lifelong fantasy has come true: she meets up with Gregory Peck and discovers that he loves her every bit as much as she has always loved him.

Heather is convinced she's in love. Her ex-husband is convinced she's certifiable. With the possibility of losing her son, her home, her profession, and her reputation, how can she possibly find happiness? But with the love of Gregory Peck, how can she not?

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Women's Night Out

Women's Night Out

Book 2

They've got one another, and now they're going to find the one that got away if it kills them—which it very well might.

The second book in the Life's Second Chances Series is about the long-lasting friendships among three women forged when, as young mothers, two of them saved the third's life. Fifteen years later, things have changed. All three of them are now single moms with teenage children, and they've all built new careers for themselves. The one constancy is their monthly night out, at which the laughter always overshadows the tears.

When Jennifer—unlike her ex-husband and his trophy wife—is struggling to move on after a tragic loss, she, Celia, and Lindsey form a pact to find "the one that got away." During the hilarious and heartbreaking course of the next eight months, their searches take them on adventures both comic and poignant—together with the joy of good friends and a good bottle of wine.

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Going to Graceland

Going to Graceland

Book 1

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do....

Lisa Henderson's return trip to Denver after dropping off her youngest child at college in Texas has just hit a life-changing detour. With her adorable Westie in tow, Lisa is waiting at Delia's Diner in Humble, Texas, while her engine is repaired, unaware that the mechanics are crooks. As she sits missing her daughter, despairing over her shaky marriage, and mourning her abandoned career as a jazz pianist, in through the diner door comes Trinity Reed.

Trinity, a bright young woman roughly the same age as Lisa's daughter, has just been fired by Billy Joe and Bubby Ray Cobb—the corrupt mechanics. Next thing Lisa knows, she, her dog, and a new traveling companion are taking a gun-blazing joyride to Graceland. It's going to be a hilarious and poignant journey, so gentlewomen: start your engines!

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"Nobody whips up humor, girlfriends, action, mystery, motherhood, and marriage like Leslie O'Kane. Going to Graceland is a whimsical, non-stop romp of all of the above, with just the right touch of intelligence and heart. A unique, compelling read."
   —Edie Claire, bestselling author of ALASKAN DAWN and NEVER CON A CORGI