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I hope you'll get a kick out of my books! When the pandemic began I decided to write something amusing to lift my spirits. The phrase 'lift my spirits' gave me the idea of writing a mystery about a mother/daughter crime-fighting duo—a yoga instructor and the ghost of her mother. Give Ghost Mom a try! If you like humorous, optimistic stories that celebrate women's friendships, Life's Second Chances books might be for you. Have you ever dreamed about bumping off your remodeling contractor or your Nazi HOA? Check out my Domestic Bliss Series, featuring interior designers Gilbert & Sullivan. Love dogs? Take a look at dog therapist Allie Babcock. If you're ready for a laugh about the hectic life of a cartoonist and soccer mom, Molly Masters might be your cup of tea. More in the mood for an exciting thriller? Give the Body Shifters a try.

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope that you stay for a while. And I dearly hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I've enjoyed writing them!

Warmest Regards,
Leslie O'Kane